Plants don’t waste water, people do.

The largest use of potable water in Arizona cities is water on the landscape. As much as 70% of residential water use is outdoors, and millions of gallons are used annually to irrigate non-residential landscapes such as parks, golf courses, sports fields and resorts. Water use in all landscapes can be significantly reduced by using efficient and regionally-appropriate designs, plant selection, and irrigation practices. Whether you live or work in the deserts, plateaus, or mountains of Arizona, the following resources will be useful in planning, installing and maintaining beautiful, water-efficient landscapes:

As Arizona's leading landscape maintenance company, we handle every aspect of water management for a wide range of customers - from resorts and retail centers to corporate campuses, public spaces, churches, and homeowner's associations.

At Cornerstone we will ensure you're property is beautiful and uses the proper amount of water to achieve it.


  • Inspection
    • Timer inspection
    • Ground saturation inspection
    • Flow tests
    • Rain sensors & satellite monitoring
  • Repair / Replace
    • Upgrades 
    • Emergency services
  • New Installation